Domonie Mattson


Posse Member Name:   Domonie Mattson

Posse Horse Name:  His AQHA registered Name is Discriminate Star, but I just call him “Gunner”

Posse Horse Age and Gender:  Gelding age 16

Description of the history of you and your horse and history with the posse:




10 Questions:

1.       Where did you grow up?    I grew up in Minnesota, but moved to Rockwall 9 years ago.  And I love it here, I was born in the wrong state.  I am a Texas girl at heart.


2.      Who taught you to ride a horse?  My father, he loved them just as much as I do.  It was the thing connected us the most.


3.      When did you get your first horse and what was he/she like?  I longed for a horse of my own for years, finally I got my birthday   wish when I was 12.  She was a Quarab, registered half Arab and my best friend!


4.      What do (did) you do for a living?   I am the manager for Sabrina's Flower and Gifts in Rockwall and have been their for over 6 years now.


5.      How did you become a member of the posse? 


6.      What is your favorite movie?


7.       What is your favorite book? 


8.      What is your favorite posse activity?   Security at Homecoming and Prom


9.    What are your hobbies?   I enjoy many hobbies, too many!  Sewing, resading, drawing, stained glass and baking to name a few...


10.  What is one thing about you most people don’t know?  


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