Trail Ride Agenda

 Gates open at 10:00 am

****Current Coggins Required****
Please have your coggins papers ready to present upon arrival.

... $20 at the gate
$5 for children under 12

Gate Prizes!!

***Saddle Drawing***
Get your tickets as soon as you arrive and don't miss out on your chance to carry home a new saddle. Ticket cost will be - 1 ticket for $2 - 3 tickets for $5 - or 15 tickets for $10.

BBQ lunch will be provided - Lunch will be served starting at 11:30am

****Silent Auction & Tack Sale****
Starting when the gates open at 10:00 am

Trail ride will begin at 1:00 pm

There will be two sections to the ride. A short ride and a long ride. The first section (short ride) is fairly easy terrain and takes about and hour to a hour and a half. Bottled water and port-o-potty will be provided at the end of the first section. At this point, participants can choose to either head back to the parking area or continue on to the second section. The second section will take another 1 to 2 hours to complete and will consist of more challenging terrain.

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