Jon Ogle

Posse Member Name : Jon Ogle

Posse Horse Name:  Cowboy

Posse Horse Age and Gender: Sorrell gelding - 12 years of age

Description of the history of you and your horse and history with the posse:  My horse was rough broke at purchaseas a reslut he has unloaded me several times.  More recently he has settled in to a good rythum and stride.  He Loves to entertain the crowds at Parade times - presently we a good team!

1.  Where did you grow up? Creek County, OK on the Rocking O Ranch

2. Who taught you to ride a horse? My dad - Cleste ogle

3. When did you get your first horse and what was he/she like? I recieved my first horse at 6 years old - a one eyed named Midnight - meaner than homemade sin!

4. What do (did) you do for a living? I have pastored too natioally  recognized churches and am presently travelling as an evangelist and public speaker.

5. How did you become a member of the posse?  Through the  influences of Roy Hance, Jim Wardlaw and Bud Peirce

6. What is your favorite movie? John Wayne and the Cowboys

7. What is your favorite book? The Holy Bible

8. What is your favorite posse activity? The Christmas Parade

9. What are your hobbies?  Working my draft horses and hosting  annual cowboy and wagon roundup on our ranch in OK.  This past year the event was featured on the Oklahoma Horizon TV Program and received international exposure.

10. What is one thing about you most people don’t know?I was a youth delegate to Washington DC for the state of Oklahoma - also named the outstanding boy of our county.  I also would like o have my own TV and radio program.

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