June Boyd

Posse Member Name : June Boyd

Posse Horse Name: Conclusive Hi Light

Posse Horse Age and Gender: AQHA Gelding 20 years

Description of the history of you and your horse and history with the posse: I joined the Posse in 1995. I have held
office as Secretary mostly, but have also been Color Guard and Trainer. The most exciting experiences have been on
perimeter Patrol when past President George H. W. Bush visited Representative Hall and as a member the Columbia
Shuttle parts search team after the shuttle exploded.

10 Questions:

1.  Where did you grow up? Forney and Carrollton. Went to school in Carrollton and spent summers on the farm in
Forney with my Grandparents

2. Who taught you to ride a horse? My grandfather as a child. Then professional horsemen as an adult.

3. When did you get your first horse and what was he/she like? I was 28 and bought a palomino that bucked me off.

4. What do (did) you do for a living? I am a Radiologic Technologist. I managed Imaging Departments in hospitals most of my working life. Then did project management the later part, mostly with software and datatbases. 

5. How did you become a member of the posse? I asked to join.

6. What is your favorite movie? It’s a Wonderful Life with James Stewart.

7. What is your favorite book? All of them. I like to read.

8. What is your favorite posse activity? Patrol

9. What are your hobbies? Horses, horses, horses and some gardening.

10. What is one thing about you most people don’t know? Not much. I am pretty open and not too complicated.

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